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Welcome to Kunsth.art!

Who is Kunsth.art?

I had the idea for Kunsth.art during the pandemic corona-period of 2020. As a photographer I was looking for possibilities to sell my pictures. But I didn’t find much that fullfilled my needs. As I have a lot of experience in webdesign, I thought it was a good moment to create it myself. So I began working on Kunsth.art, starting from my initial idea.

On top of this, everyone who is involved in culture has experienced a lot of impact of this crisis. My hope is to give a little bit of hope to this sector.

For whom?

The Artist / Musician / Photographer / Creative person

Everyone who’s doing creative stuff -anyway he/she wants to- and wants to show his/her work to the world and maybe earn some money with it, can do this on Kunsth.art. Registration and publishing is for free!
You can show yourself and our art here at its best!

Art Lovers

Everyone who is looking for something nice/interesting/beautiful/meaningful can find it here on Kunsth.art. If you are looking for something different then the cheap pictures and paintings from Ikea or Wallmart, you can find it here! You can find promising fresh or very experienced artists here on Kunsth.art. Once-in-a-lifetime limited pieces can be found here! Who knows, maybe you will buy the next Tuimans or Vanfleteren here!


When you sell an artwork, a part of the sales (20%) go to Kunsth.art. I hope to help the artists who are going to very hard times nowadays.

Sales Rules

Everybody is welcome, but off course there are some rules to follow when you want to register here at Kunsth.art . All rules can be found on our Sales rules document. Please read it thoroughly if you want to register.

Sharing is caring

Are you enthousiastic about Kunsth.art? Please spread the word and share us on social media! Kunsth.art welcomes everybody!


Who can publish on Kunsth.art?

That’s easy: everybody. Are you a creative who wants to sell your creations? Welcome! One small exception: when you are still minor, you can only register under supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

Do I need to pay for registration?

No, registration is for free. Publishing on Kunsth.art os also free, but when you sell your art on Kunsth.art, 12% of the selling price is for Kunsth.art and 4% will be used for support of the cultural sector.

What do we consider art?

That’s the million-dollar-question! So we will not answer that question here nor are we going to do intensive control on your entries. Do you consider yourself an artist and your creations as art, then that’s fine for us!

Why do I need to publish on Kunsth.art? I do already have a website!

When you have your creations published on your own website, people need to got to your website to find them, so they know you already somehow. When you put your art on Kunsth.art, the visitors that don’t already know you will be able to find you. People searching for specific kind piece of art can find you here and also all of your published artworks.

Do I really need to upload pictures?

No, you don’t have to. On your artwork we will place a so calles ‘placeholder’. But if you want to be noticed, it is best to upload as many pictures as possible (5) so visitors of Kunsth.art will be able to see your creations.

Can I protect my pictures on Kunsth.art?

Yes! When you publish your creation on Kunsth.art, it is possible to protect your images with a watermark. You can enable this on every artwork by selecting the related checkbox.

What do I show on my pictures?

It is best to show as much views as possible. Details and finish are also very important things. You want the visitor of this site to be able to envision your creations at its best, so it’s good to show as much as possible. When you present your art in a beautiful setting it will most certainly also help to sell it!

What do I fill in on the details form for the artwork? What is the purpose of these fields?


Here you enter the name of your artwork. That’s the easiest of all.


The type of artwork is the kind of artwork you have created and want to sell. The choices you have are based on the types of artwork that exist according to Wikipedia. Do you think a type is missing? let us know!


By default, Kunsth.art is offered in 2 languages (Dutch and English). We also offer you the opportunity to describe your artwork in these languages. However, if your Dutch is not very good, you can uncheck this language. In that case you will only have to fill in the Enlish fields, and the Dutch fields will have the same content, with a message that it is only available in English.

So keep in mind that if you enter 2 languages, you also stick to these languages. This means that, for example, under ‘Description (Dutch)’ you enter the description in Dutch and under ‘Description (English)’ you also enter the description in English.


This is a free text field where you can describe your artwork type in more detail. For example: If the type is a Painting then the sub-type could be “Oil on canvas”, or if it is Photography, then the sub-type could be “Fine Art”.


Here you can tell the story of your artwork. Tell everything you want to say about the process of making, what your motivation was, its meaning …


You indicate in Euro how much you ask for it. This must be at least 10 euros. Kunsth.art aims to sell, it is not a viewing gallery. Please note that the commission for Kunsth.art and the cultural sector is calculated based on this price.


This field is intended to show more technical details about your artwork. Which surface did you use for your painting? How big is your sculpture? Which photopaper was used for your photo? Do you sell your music on CD or vinyl?


If you would like to give your pictures an extra protection against unauthorized use, you can choose here to add a watermark.

Be aware that a 100% waterproof way to prevent unauthorized use doesn’t exist. Every picture published on the internet can be stolen in one way or another. We can try to make it as hard as possible, but if you really don’t want it you simply can’t publish on the internet.

Main image / Image 2 / …

You can upload the pictures that are shown on the site. 1 picture has to be there, that’s the main image. The others are optional. There are limits on the images: you can upload files of maximum 8 Mb. If your pictures are larger than 1.5 Mb or the long border is larger than 1800 pixels, it will be automatically resized when uploaded.

Extra: visited / contacted

Just below the title of your artwork (which you will only see after saving for the first time) you can see how often somone has visited the detail page of your artwork, and also how often you have been contacted for this. A nice extra to give you an idea of the popularity of your creation.

I just want to use Kunsth.art as a gallery. Can I do this?

This is not what Kunsth.art is supposed to do, but it is possible. We will contact you when arworks stay too long on the site without being sold.

I've sold an artwork! What happens next?

That’s good news! We expect you to inform us about the sale, so we can handle the financial part of our deal. When you remove your art from Kunsth.art, we will notice it and contact you.

The easiest way to do this is by marking your artwork as ‘sold’ on your online profile. But if it’s easier for you, you can also mail us, or fill the contactform.

My artwork doesn't get sold. What now?

Contact us! We will try to find a solution to make it work!

I want to put my artwork on Kunsth.art but the current available types do not represent it!

Ok, that’s possible. Contact us so we can see how to solve this. Probably it is as simple as adding a new type. Let us know how we can help you!

What do i need to do to get my artwork found?

When you create an artwork her on Kunsth.art it is best to describe it to the most. That can be done by completing the form as much as possible. Try to image what words people will use when they want to find your art and use these words in the description of your artwork. Subtype and remarks are also very important things to complete! Confused? Contact us!

Why do I need to make an artists profile? I only want to sell my art.

People searching for art are probably also interested in your other creations. So if they get to know you better it wil be easier to make them find you later on. On top of that, your artists profile is a way to guide them to your other online appearances (website, pinterest,…).

Do I really need to complete all possible contact possibilities on my artist profile?

No. We only need your e-mail address zo we can let potential buyers contact you. But: the more links you provide, the easier it will be to find you again later on and probably even discover other (older) creations.

Why do I need to handle the sale myself?

For now, the logistics related to selling art here on Kunsth.art is practical impossible to do. Maybe later on, we will build this functionality, but for now, you can handle the sale completely yourself.

Report abuse

Do you notice anything on this site that doesn’t comply with our sales rules and terms & conditions or voilations against racisme, sexisme, pornography,… ?
Did you find a violation against local or international laws?
Please contact us as soon as possible by filling the contact form!
This way we can take action to solve the problem ASAP.