Werner Roelandt


Werner Roelandt

Who is Werner Roelandt?

The World From Above

When Werner Roelandt looked straight down more than 600 meters from the Preikestolen in Norway, he got the idea for “The World From Above”. The vertical image was fantastic and completely different from how we normally look to the world. He would change the horizontal perspective and look at the world "from above" from now on.

All photos from the fineart photography project “The World From Above” were taken straight down from public places open to everyone. All this without using a drone.

By combining dozens of images, Werner has created a new photographic reality where time and space converge. On one hand, these are photos in which the minutes or hours that have elapsed in a certain place have been reduced to one moment. On the other hand, he has also made photos in which a new dimension is created by continuously repeating the same image to generate a new whole. At first the photos look very realistic, but when you look again, you get a surreal feeling.