Sales rules

So, you want to show and sell your art on

Great! It is very easy!

Off course, there are some rules to follow. We expect you to follow these rules when you register yourself on this website and when you are selling your art here. When you break the rules, you can get a warning or even get excluded from, and even get refused from accessing forever.

It goes without saying that the rules of good decency apply here and we also count on your common sense. Nevertheless we’ve made a list of some base rules. Please read them thoroughly. If something is not clear, please do not hesitate to contact us!


You agree to follow these rules when registering on The administrator has the right to act in case of violation of the rules. This can be a simple warning, removal of your account and/or complete refusal of new registration.


Registration is free, as is showing your art on If you sell your art on, we take 20% of of the selling price. Please keep this in mind when you decide on your selling price.

Only sell your own art

This is no reseller site nor a site to sell second hand stuff. You are supposed to sell your own created art. If someone reports a violation of copyright the related artwork will be removed immediately and you will get a warning. When you get a second warning your account will be removed and you are not allowed to ever use again again.


There is a zero tolerance for Racism, sexism and pornography. We also don’t do politics. Everybody is welcome here!


Interested parties can contact you for an artwork. Selling and logistics are completely on your account, but you are obliged to inform us of the possible sale, so that the financial side of the sale can be handled. Selling and removing your artwork on without informing us from this sale can result in completely removing of your account. We generate statistics of visits and deletions of artworks to verify this. depends on the goodwill of artists to report the sale. We therefore assume that this is not a problem. Fraud will also involve unavoidable and inexorable actions such as account deletion and future denial of registration.


When art stays online longer than a year, you will be contacted to inform you about this situation. This way it can be removed or you can leave it as it is.

Is something unclear or would you like to have more explanation?